Protect VMware data against ransomware

Cyber-proof your VMware environments with advanced data security for resilience and rapid recovery at any scale.


Zero trust data security for VMware

Rubrik delivers business resilience against cyber attacks, simplifies data protection and accelerates recovery for enterprises running on VMware solutions.

Protect Against Ransomware

Secure your vSphere VMs and keep them readily available with immutable backups that are logically air-gapped. Further enhance your VMware data security with our Ransomware Investigation, Sensitive Data Discovery, and Threat Hunting tools.

Drive Operational Efficiency

Automate VM data protection with SLA-based policies. Leverage integrations with vRealize and Cloud Director platforms to automate and deliver critical data management functions. Enjoy the same simplicity, speed, and scale as with other protected workloads.

Recover Quickly

Rapidly recover your VMs while avoiding malware reinfection. Leverage simple, quick recovery options for near-zero RTOs and enable a continuous stream of recovery points to minimize data loss and achieve near-zero RPOs.

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Prepare and Recover from Ransomware with Rubrik

This guide explains Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security and how its built-in capabilities make protected data immune to ransomware. You'll also learn about deployment best practices that make it even tougher for cybercriminals to attack.

Data Resilience

Protect VMware data with simple and secure backups

Drive operational efficiency while ensuring your VMware data is safe and protected.

Zero trust design

Protect your VMware data from cyber-attacks with an air-gapped, immutable file system that can’t be modified, deleted, or encrypted by hackers.


Data protection simplified

Protect your vSphere and vSAN workloads by declaring simple SLA automation policies at the cluster, host, or folder levels. Integrate with VMware vRealize Automation and Cloud Director to further automate protection of virtualized infrastructure.

Data Observability

Is Your VMware Data at Risk?

Continuously monitor, investigate and remediate data risks faster with Rubrik’s advanced data security services 


Ransomware Monitoring & Investigation

Determine the scope of ransomware attacks, using high fidelity machine learning to detect deletion, modifications, and encryptions.

Sensitive Data Monitoring & Management

Reduce sensitive data exposure and manage exfiltration risk by discovering what types of sensitive data you have, where it lives, and who has access to it.

Threat Monitoring & Hunting

Prevent malware reinfection by analyzing the time-series history of data for indicators of compromise to identify the initial point, scope, and time of infection.

Data Security Command Center

Identify security gaps, quantify data risk, and provide actionable recoammendations to improve data security posture.

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Are you prepared to recover from ransomware?

Restore business operations quickly by recovering your VMware apps, files, or users at scale.

Orchestrate Application Recovery

Simplify recovery planning, testing, and execution with pre-built workflows and disaster recovery blueprints for granular and efficient recovery.


Reduce Recovery Risk

Ensure safe and quick data recovery by quarantining data infected with malware thereby preventing reintroduction of malware that disrupts business operations.


Continuous Data Protection

Minimize data loss with built-in continuous data protection for VMware environments by recovering VMs to any point-in-time. Choose from a continuous stream of recovery points for vSphere VMs to minimize data loss in the event of a failure or ransomware attacks.

Improve Performance

Array-based Snapshot Integrations

Rubrik integrates with Pure Storage FlashArray, Dell EMC Powerstore and NetApp Storage Arrays to help expand your data protection with very minimal operational or performance impact. Get consistent point-in-time copy of VMs for reliable and quick recovery and ensure high performance without lengthy snapshot windows and application time-outs. 

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Cloud Mobility

Rubrik orchestrates all critical data management functions – backup, recovery, search, archival, analytics, and more – as you shift on-premises applications to VMware Cloud.

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Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Data Security

Cyber threats are growing at an alarming rate. Learn how to protect backup data and minimize the impact of ransomware attacks with Zero Trust Data Security.


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