Combine Data Security with Infrastructure Security

Rubrik and Microsoft come together to provide perimeter, network, endpoint and application security from Microsoft — and data security from Rubrik to restore data and return to business as usual.

Secure Your Data

Help ensure business continuity with secure backups that keep data available when you need it.

Monitor Data Risk

Determine the scope of cyber attacks, detecting unusual data deletions or modifications. Help reduce sensitive data exposure risk.

Recover Rapidly

Quickly recover cloud and SaaS data in the event of a cyber attack or inadvertent deletion.


Protect Hybrid Azure Environments

Securely migrate to and build in the cloud. Archive data to lower-cost Azure tiers using native Azure APIs for Azure blob storage immutability.

SaaS apps

Backup Enterprise, Cloud, and SaaS

Help ensure data recoverability for Microsoft SQL Server, physical or virtualized Windows, Azure VMs and storage volumes via Azure Managed Disks, Azure VMware Solution, Azure SQL, Azure NetApp Files, and Microsoft 365 OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, and Teams.

Secure Critical Workloads That Run on Azure

Protect Kubernetes (AKS), Epic EHR, VMWare services (AVS), Oracle and SAP HANA, creating and managing SLA policies across hundreds of Azure subscriptions in multiple regions.


Monitor Data Risk and Quickly Investigate Threats

Monitor and remediate data risks, including ransomware, sensitive data exposure, and indicators of compromise.

Monitor data risk and investigate faster

Discover and Classify Sensitive Data

Monitor sensitive data in VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Azure Stack HCI and Nutanix AHV VMs. Associate predefined or custom policies with NAS filesets, Windows filesets, Linux filesets, Volume Groups, Microsoft 365 OneDrive and Sharepoint, and more.

Investigate Data Anomalies and Filesets

Detect anomalies in Azure Stack HCI, Azure VMs, and NAS Data archived to Rubrik-managed Rubrik Cloud Vault built on Azure.


Quickly Restore Business Operations

Rapidly recover applications, files or users both surgically and at scale, while helping to avoid malware reinfection.

Azure logos

Automate Restores

Restore hybrid Azure, multi-cloud and SaaS environments from a single management console with Rubrik APIs. Easily integrate with common cloud orchestration tool sets for fast recovery in the cloud.

Achieve Near-Zero RTOs

Live Mount VMs and SQL databases directly on Rubrik and provision clones on-demand for test/dev.


Access the Latest Rubrik Innovations

Enhance your existing Microsoft data protection with deep integrations with Microsoft products and shared security insights.

(coming soon)

Rubrik Data Protection for Microsoft 365 Backup Storage

Rapidly recover Microsoft 365 data in bulk using Microsoft APIs. An option for the largest enterprises with tens of thousands of users and billions of files, Rubrik and the Microsoft 365 Backup solution from Microsoft provide high-speed backup and accelerated restores, all managed from within Rubrik Security Cloud.

Recover Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory)

As with Rubrik-hosted protection, help ensure recoverability for Entra ID users and groups by automatically recreating Entra ID objects with Rubrik and recovering data with roles and permissions intact.

Automate Protection in a Single Platform

Centralize management and reporting for more comprehensive Microsoft 365 protection alongside Rubrik-hosted Teams protection and your other SaaS, enterprise, and cloud applications. 

Microsoft Sentinel

Integration with Microsoft Sentinel

Speed up data recovery with automated incident response – right from the Sentinel dashboard.

Microsoft Sentinel Backup mit Rubrik

Understand the Scope and Root Cause of Attack

Enrich threat investigations with Rubrik data risk insights and identify the last known clean data copy for restores.

Recover Quickly

Perform rapid, granular restores from uncompromised backups. Foster collaboration between your IT Operations and Security teams with centralized insights in Sentinel. Automate data recovery from Sentinel using prebuilt workflows and blueprints.

coming soon

Integration with Microsoft Security Copilot

Streamline incident creation, automate recommended task workstreams, and accelerate cyber recovery, arming Microsoft Security Copilot generative AI with Rubrik intelligence. 

Prioritize alerts

Automatically create an incident in Sentinel based on anomalous activity within Rubrik Security Cloud.

Automate Recommended Task Workstreams

Get suggested incident response tasks for rapid investigation. Preserve evidence for forensics purposes.

Accelerate Cyber Recovery

Dynamically generate code for investigating incidents in Sentinel. React swiftly to maintain business resiliency.

Rubrik + Microsoft Customers


Data Security Maturity Assessment

How secure is your data?

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