aws-native protection

Secure your AWS infrastructure and data

Keep Amazon Aurora, S3, EC2, and RDS data readily available and recoverable on a single platform.

AWS native protection

Rubrik Security Cloud

As your business moves to the cloud, simple phishing attacks are enough to give attackers the ability to take control of data.

Ensure your cloud data is resilient and recoverable from cyberattacks and operational failures.

Centrally Protect All Environments

Maintain consistent protection and global visibility of AWS, Multi-Cloud, and SaaS data on a single platform with secure, access-controlled backups.

Scale To Protect Growing Environments

Ensure no data goes unprotected by onboarding thousands of cloud accounts in bulk, and automatically protecting new workloads.

Rapidly Recover Compromised Systems

Quickly return to business as usual by restoring data across multiple clouds, accounts, and workloads using the same workflow along with granular, file-level recovery.

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How to Fully Protect Your Data in AWS

Your AWS data is ripe for attack. Learn how to protect it from insider threats and ransomware with air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups.

Rubrik Zero Labs

Secure your IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS data

With Rubrik Zero Trust By Design, your data remains readily available. Services are architected with a logical air gap, secure protocols, native immutability, encryption, and access controls.


SLA automation

Replace hundreds of manual, backup jobs with global SLA policies and standardize frequency, retention, and replication.

SLA automation

Global compliance

Monitor the health and compliance of all your infrastructure, workloads, and applications—from a single pane of glass.

AWS Protection with Immutable Snapshots

Access controls

Centralize role-based access controls (RBAC) with single sign-on and MFA across the entire environment.

Granular recovery

Real-time alerts

Get alerts on malicious activities directly into your preferred SIEM and SOAR platforms, along with compliance reports.

Real-time alerts
Disaster Recovery Readiness

Streamline compliance audits

Be confident that all your data across your growing environment is backed up, protected, and recoverable.

Automate recovery and testing

Eliminate manual, guesswork for testing if every team can recover their workloads, databases, and applications. 

Rubrik's GraphQL APIs enable automation of the entire recovery testing process. For example, you can automatically mount a database, validate its integrity, and tear it down.

Automate recovery | Rubrik


Protect data across the entire lifecycle

Long-term retention

Reduce storage costs with secure archiving to Amazon S3 using storage tiering, while retaining access via predictive search.

Heterogeneous replication

Strengthen data resilience by replicating data across clouds, edge locations, and data centers.

Cloud data migration

Perform on-demand dev/test and cloud recovery by instantiating on-prem workloads in the cloud.


Increasing Your Data Resiliency with Rubrik

Get simplified security for AWS with automated protection and management of your data, applications, and workloads.

Rubrik Zero Labs

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