Ruby simplifies and automates cyber incident response and recovery

Accelerates recovery

Rubrik identifies the threat and
immediately helps you remediate
and recover.

Strict security

Customer data does not leave the environment, nor is used for training.

No cyber security expertise needed

Customers of all levels of cyber security expertise can use these AI capabilities out of the box. No training needed.

Analyst Report

Top Use Cases for AI in Threat Detection, Investigation and Response

Learn how security leaders can stay prepared by using AI to improve their threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) solutions in this latest Gartner® report.


Ruby joins a strong portfolio of AI capabilities


Generative AI Companion

Data Threat Engine

Machine Learning Powered Threat Detection


Deep Learning from Customer Telemetry

Generative AI

Ruby, your generative AI companion, accelerates cyber response and recovery

Ruby helps customers of all levels of cyber expertise quickly remediate and recover from cyber attacks.

As soon as a threat is detected by Rubrik’s Anomaly Detection, Ruby presents interactive guidance and recommendations to swiftly isolate and recover the infected data.

Ruby will be updated with more skills over time to automate and simplify cyber security.

Generative AI

Ruby enables cyber recovery with VMware templates

Speed up time to recover from a cyberattack through AI-generated task lists and guided workflows.

Rubrik provides proactive protection recommendations and AI-generated guided task lists in the event of threat detection on VMware workloads to help IT teams streamline decision-making during a cyber incident and respond faster to emerging threats.

Recover to a suggested snapshot
Machine learning

Anomaly detection powered by machine learning

Determine the scope of cyberattacks using machine learning to detect deletions, modifications, and encryptions for optimal threat investigation.

Anomaly detection

Deep learning to deliver outstanding customer support

Rubrik's world class support teams use SentryAI® based on predictive deep learning, to deliver proactive customer support to our customers.

SentryAI uses predictive algorithms on top of customer telemetry data to identify issues quickly, notify customers before they see it in their environments, and aid customers with recommendations based on where they are in their journey with Rubrik.

Recover to a suggested snapshot
Analyst Report

You Will Be Hacked, So Embrace the Breach

Learn how to prepare for breaches using recommendations from Gartner® Maverick* research.


gartner report

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs provide an overview of Ruby's capabilities and its integration into Rubrik Security Cloud, highlighting the benefits it offers to end-users.


*Any unreleased services or features referenced on this page are not currently available and may not be made generally available on time or at all, as may be determined in our sole discretion. Any such referenced services or features do not represent promises to deliver, commitments, or obligations of Rubrik, Inc. and may not be incorporated into any contract. Customers should make their purchase decisions based upon services and features that are currently generally available.


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