Secure Your Unstructured Data at Petabyte-scale

Protect, monitor, and rapidly recover against cyber attacks at petabyte-scale


Maximize security and efficiency for your unstructured data

Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct protects petabyte-scale unstructured data efficiently, enables continuous monitoring and identification of cyber threats, and orchestrates rapid NAS data recovery and archival to on-premises or the cloud.

Modernize NAS Data Protection

Streamline petabyte-scale NAS data protection with 10x performance over legacy NDMP

Cyber-Proof NAS Data

Safeguard your NAS data, detect malicious activity and uncover sensitive data exposure

Orchestrate Faster NAS Data Recovery and Archival

Rapidly recover or archive petabyte-scale NAS data to on-premises, cloud, or alternate targets

Technical White paper

How It Works: Rubrik NAS Protection

Have more data than you can actually secure? Learn how Rubrik keeps up with reliable backups, rapid recovery, and flexible NAS data management.

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Unparalleled performance and efficiency

Effortlessly scan, index, and move billions of files and objects in just a week with zero hardware. NAS Cloud Direct employs parallel data streams to optimize network throughput and ensures minimal user disruption through dynamic throttling.

Data Search

Highly secure NAS backups

Protect your NAS data from cyber-attacks with encryption at-rest, immutable, air-gapped backups and credential isolation. Prevent attackers from discovering your NAS backups and ensure data cannot be modified, deleted, or encrypted.

Data Discover

Ransomware detection and sensitive data monitoring

Quickly identify and locate which NAS files were impacted by ransomware using Rubrik Anomaly Detection. Identify the presence of sensitive NAS data and gain insights into security posture to limit the risk of exposure.

On-Premises Object Storage Protection

Robust Support of S3 Storage Platforms

Protect your on-premises S3-compatible object stores and benefit from improved security, ultra-fast speeds, operational efficiency, and quicker granular recovery. Seamlessly integrate with on-premises S3 storage platforms such as Dell ECS, NetApp StorageGrid, Pure Flashblade, Cloudian,, RedHat CEPH and IBM Cloud Object Storage.

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Powerful search and recovery orchestration

Search across billions of files quickly and orchestrate rapid petabyte-scale NAS recovery to on-prem, cloud, or alternate targets. Recover only affected NAS data with the help of Rubrik Anomaly Detection’s impact analysis.

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Cloud archival for improved cost savings

Identify aged or growing datasets quickly and directly archive to any cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP) and storage tier. NAS Cloud Direct optimizes your storage strategy by bundling files into larger data blobs and employing compression techniques for backup and archive data. This not only reduces transaction and storage costs but also results in substantial savings on hardware and licensing expenses.

API First

API integration with storage platforms

NAS-CD offers interoperability with generic NAS systems and API-level integration with Dell EMC Isilon, NetApp FAS, Pure FlashBlade, and Qumulo. As a result, a single NAS-CD instance provides data protection even for heterogeneous storage environments.

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White paper

Unstructured Data Management with NAS Cloud Direct

Discover five steps to building a resilient unstructured data strategy and learn how to manage and protect your unstructured data.

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