Launch Your GDPR Compliance

Rubrik collapses a complex landscape of point solutions into one platform to deliver data management on-premises and in the cloud. With a few clicks, automate data protection policies and expiration. A single pane of glass provides transparency into where your data resides and how policy compliance is met across your entire infrastructure.


Unified Management

Centralize backup, disaster recovery, search, archival, and analytics across all environments.

Fast Recovery

Use Google-like global search for quick recovery at the file or application level.

Policy-Driven Automation

Easily assign SLA policies to your application data that map to data use cases.


Rubrik Cloud Data Management for GDPR Compliance

Rubrik accelerates GDPR compliance in a centralized platform that protects, manages, and monitors data across all environments. Avoid fines of up to €20 million or 4% of annual global revenue with a secure software-defined solution.


Disaster Recovery

Expedite the recovery of data breaches, including Ransomware. One click to restore files to any point-in-time, on-premises or in the cloud. No rehydration required.

Backup & Recovery

One platform automates backups in physical and virtual environments. Achieve appropriate levels of protection with near-zero RTO and immutable snapshots.


Ensure your security measures are effective. Use the Live Mount feature to test your disaster recovery plan without impacting production workloads.


GDPR mandates that data retention and deletion policies match business use cases. Simplify the process by automating retention and archival policies.


From the ground up, data protection was designed into our platform. Rubrik secures all data with end-to-end encryption from creation to expiration, regardless of location.

Instant data access is a major focus of GDPR. Rubrik offers global predictive search that makes data instantly available and recoverable across our entire infrastructure.

Tjebbe de Winter
Co-founder and CTO, Cyso

Management Simplicity for All Your App Data


API-First Architecture

Orchestrate custom lifecycle management workflows that integrate with third-party services.

Extend to the Edge

Deploy Edge, a software appliance, to protect virtualized and physical ROBO environments.

Compliance Reporting

Use Rubrik Envision to track whether backups are meeting defined SLAs.

Rubrik Product Compliance

At Rubrik, we continue to invest in ensuring that our Cloud Data Management and Rubrik Polaris Platforms are in compliance with and support key compliance standards and frameworks to build a strong foundation for cloud data management and simplify how you manage and protect data in the cloud. This ensures that the use of our Platforms will not negatively impact our customers’ security compliance. 



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