Continuous data protection

Recover to Any Point-in-time

Minimize data loss with continuous data protection for VMware environments. Recover VMs to any point in time or revert to the latest clean copy if ransomware or corruption occurs.

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Achieve Data Resiliency

Rubrik enables a continuous stream of recovery points for vSphere VMs to minimize data loss in the event of a failure or ransomware attack.

Near-Zero RPOs

Choose from a continuous stream of recovery points to minimize data loss in the event of a failure or ransomware attack.

Natively Integrated

Continuous data protection is built into our data management software. There's no need to manage additional licenses or solutions.

Simplified Management

Enable continuous protection within the same SLA policy engine used to define backup, replication, and archival policies.

Cyberattacks are evolving. Is your legacy backup vendor prepared?

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Cyberattacks are evolving

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) with Rubrik

Learn how Rubrik can provide Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for vSphere VMs:

  • Understand Recovery Points
  • Recover Latest Point in Time
  • Validate CDP and Recovery Points
  • Install CDP IO Filter
  • Enable CDP in SLA Domain

Journal Based Approach

Rubrik offers a continuous stream of recovery points. All changes or writes are saved to a journal file for a specific timeframe. In comparison, a snapshot-based approach offers fewer recovery points, depending on how often snapshots are taken (e.g., every 4 hours).

Protection When Disaster Strikes

Orchestrate disaster recovery with automation for near-zero RPOs and to reduce human error. With continuous data protection enabled, a VM with the most recent version of data can be recovered.

Protection Against Ransomware

Recover the latest clean version prior to a ransomware or corruption event. Minimize data loss with a continuum of recovery points to choose from when system corruption occurs.


Don't just survive a ransomware attack. Get stronger.

Despite your best efforts to protect your business, you could be hit with a ransomware attack at any time. You need a plan that allows you to confidently refuse to pay a ransom, recover quickly, and eliminate the vulnerabilities that made the attack possible in the first place.


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