Data Management Designed for Cloud

Rubrik was built to leverage the flexibility and economics of public cloud from day one. Protect enterprise applications, search across applications and files, and quickly spin up test/dev instances in the cloud - all through a single control plane.

Lower Your TCO

Take advantage of cloud economics by leveraging low-cost long-term storage. Cut costs with intelligent tiering and deduplicated data archival.

Unify Protection

Say goodbye to data silos. Standardize management and increase visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Mitigate Data Risk

Combat ransomware with immutable snapshots and encryption at-rest and in-transit. Achieve on-demand recovery to increase resilience from downtime.

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The Definitive Guide to Rubrik CDM

Learn how customers leverage Rubrik for disaster recovery, self-service management, ransomware defense, and more.

Definite guide to Rubrik cloud data management

Cloud Archival

Send your structured and unstructured data to any low-cost cloud storage in AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud for long-term retention. Optimize costs with intelligent data tiering to Amazon Glacier and Azure Storage Archive.


Data Replication

Deliver WAN-optimized replication any way you want - across heterogeneous cloud providers, different regions under the same cloud provider, or from cloud to on-premises.


Application Recovery

Spin up self-service apps or point-in-time copies in the cloud for test/dev without affecting production environments with CloudOn. Leverage flexible, on-demand instantiation for simple recovery in the event of an outage.


Cloud-Native Protection

Protect your cloud-native applications across any cloud with a solution that's 100% SaaS. Modernize backup and achieve rapid recovery at scale with API-based data protection.


Secure Your SaaS Applications

Automate SaaS data protection to ensure reliable, cross-funtional collaboration in Microsoft 365. Safeguard from data loss with automated backups and enact rapid recovery to maintain peak data availability.

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Enterprise Data Protection for Any Cloud

Rubrik offers a comprehensive Cloud Data Backup Solutions designed to unify data management across multiple cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, and GCP. By providing a single control plane for cloud backups, Rubrik eliminates data silos, enhances visibility, and optimizes costs through intelligent data tiering and deduplication.

Zero Trust Protection and Rapid Recovery Capabilities

Adopt a Zero Trust data protection strategy with Rubrik's advanced security features for online backups, including immutable snapshots and encryption at-rest and in-transit. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with rapid, on-demand recovery options, ensuring your enterprise remains resilient against downtime and cyber threats.


Winter Release 2022

Achieve Data Resilience: Enterprise Data Protection for Core Workloads

Discover the latest data resilience enhancements across on-premises and cloud workloads—Oracle, VMware, SAP HANA, Kubernetes, and more—so your enterprise data stays protected.


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