Why Wipro & Rubrik?

Together, Wipro and Rubrik help organizations modernize their application data management deployed across on prem and multicloud, by providing a simplified and automated solution to protect critical applications and safeguard these applications from ever increasing ransomware threats. Rubrik is integrated with Wipro’s BoundaryLess Data Management framework to provide modernized data protection and move away from legacy backup which are expensive and complex.

Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security solution, coupled with Wipro GRC services helps customers achieve enterprise grade cyber security. It helps customers always protect their critical data with immutable backups, provides AI & ML based analysis of any potential ransomware attacks, and enables quick recovery.

Modernize data protection


Modernize Data Protection

Legacy data protection solutions are built on traditional siloed architecture which are complex to manage and prone to failures.

With Rubrik delivered as a Service with Wipro, we provide a solution which is simple to deploy and manage, replacing thousands of data backup jobs with just a few policies to automate data protection across your hybrid and multicloud IT environment. 


Provide Enterprise Resiliency 

As the ransomware threat landscape continues to evolve it has become necessary to deploy a solution which is natively immutable, so that any ransomware cannot consume the backups. Furthermore, an AI/ML driven solution can identify the blast radius of any attack and provide quick recovery.

Enterprise resiliency
data mobility


Data Mobility 

As enterprises adopt hybrid and multicloud strategy, and applications are getting re-platformed in the cloud it has become critical to have a solution which is natively integrated to the cloud and helps in data mobilization to your choice of cloud.


Autonomous Operations

Open API based integration with automation tools like  vRA, Chef , Puppet, and ServiceNow to optimize resources required to manage and run the environment. 

Autonomous Operations

Business Solutions

Boundary-Less Data Management with Wipro and Rubrik

BoundaryLess Data Management with Wipro and Rubrik The joint solution, i.e. Wipro’s BoundaryLess Data Management (BLDM) powered by Rubrik is a holistic, cloud agnostic data protection/management framework for supporting multicloud environments to address end-to-end data protection scenarios. BLDM, powered by Rubrik provides a single pane of glass management to connect, secure, backup, recover, manage, and control enterprise-wide data, increasing operational efficiency and ensuring consistency across on-premises and public clouds.

Data Protection as a Service

Identify, protect, detect, analyze, respond, and recover from a cybersecurity incident (i.e., breach, compromise, theft, ransom, or destruction). Powered by Rubrik, Wipro BLDM's cyber resiliency is based on the guiding principles of the NIST framework of identifying important business systems and support systems, implementing data protection and retention, ML based anomaly / encryption detection, IT service response automation and remediation and quick recovery.

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